Write for the Hang Gliding Times!


Hang Glider pilots have complained to me that when they submitted their articles to other publications that they we're heavily edited and changed to the point of being unrecognizable. They vowed never to write again 🙁 That is very unfortunate.

So our promise to you will be that articles will be minimally edited, mostly to fix spelling and grammar errors and to place media/video in a visually attractive way.

Authors get 100% final approval on the article being published.

We will either accept or reject the article based on minimal quality standards (We can help with that too).

Articles can be on almost any subject, as long as it's positive. No politics and divisive subjects. There is already too much of that lately in the world.  Remember, about 70% of traffic to this site is from visitors, not pilot members.  Show them the ADVENTURE hang gliding brings into your world.


Contact us about the article idea for pre-approval.

Write the article, make sure to include lots of media and youtube links if you have them. Then simply email to us as a word document or google doc, etc. We will convert it into a nice web page for publications and push it out to 10,000+ email accounts.