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View above Zugerberg
Takeoff Grassy slope, 910 meters

47° 9'2.46" N, 8°32'9.36" E

Landing sloped grassy field, 457 meters

47° 8'59.56" N, 8°30'47.25" E

Wind Directions W, WNW, WSW
Site Type Unregulated?
Fees None


Typically lots of PG traffic, as it appears heavily used by PG schools, once you get up though, it won't be an issue. Good thermals, from up high you have a good view of the Alps, Schwyz, Zürich, Lucerne.

Paved road to the top, transport gliders by car.


Mountain ridge overlooking a lake, three lakes nearby, Alps are behind takeoff, the mountain "Rigi" to the left of takeoff.

The primary LZ is unevenly sloped - sloping down from east to west. Its longest axis is North-South, but this is likely 90 degrees crosswind. Given that landing into the wind will likely have you going downhill along the short axis of the LZ, you should probably do a cross wind landing.

The takeoff is a nice grassy slope, but the slope does get a little shallower at a certain point, so watch out for that.