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How to embed YouTube videos in your Posts

Remove the "s" from https://

use only the term watch?v= adding the video's code example v=Xz1Ihcl-4bo - deleting any further code such as &feature=c4 (which locks you into an ad.)

Then wrapped by [youtube] [/youtube] gets you what you want. ___________________________



When you hit an odd address with "" or some extra qualifiers at the end, it may not get "embedded" into a post here, when you do these three steps. To get the right URL (with no odd punctuation or extra qualifiers), just Copy and Paste the "unique" string of letters from the middle of the address into the YouTube "Search" function. "Search" there will find that video, with a "plain vanilla" YouTube address (without the extra parts or odd punctuation). Copy and Paste that simple YouTube address into your post, and then you can embed that simple address into your post here, as shown above.