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MSL 1,950
AGL 1,100
Glide to LZ 3:1
Rating/Skills H3/P3

H2 w/Observer

Wind Directions W, WNW, NW, NNW
Season Year round. primary road to launch may be closed due to snow or ice during winter
Radio Frequencies
Site Type national forest
Fees Day Pass $0 US

Yearly $0 US

Contact Capital Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club
<googlemap lat="41.694257" lon="-74.401903" zoom="14">

41.685861, -74.40465, Training Hill </googlemap>


Popular ridge site overlooking the Seven Bends of the Shenandoah RIver. The panorama scenery over the river and valley make this one of the most beautiful, scenic sites in the region. Rocky slope launch is a moderately wide slot, which may seem intimidating to pilots not used to east coast sites. Rated for H3 or H2 with Observer, this is often the first mountain site for new H2's.


Cross-country flights are common here, many along the ridge, some jumping back to other ridges. One pilot has flown from here to Blue Sky Flight Park near RIchmond.

Woodstock is the traditional location of the biennial Kitty Hawk Kites Instructors' Reunion Fly-In.


NW facing smooth ridge overlooking Shenandoah Valley. Slot launch.


Contact the CHGPA to fly this site.

Site Records

Flex wing Distance/Duration

Rigid wing Distance/Duration