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Willow Creek

Willow Creek LZ from launch
MSL 8,700
AGL 1,200
Glide to LZ 6.4:1
Rating/Skills H2/P2
Wind Directions W, WNW


Season Year round, snow permitting on road to launch
Restrictions None
Site Type Open
Fees None
Contact Person/Club/School/


Site Panoramic Images
Willow Creek Launch

<googlemap lat="38.464813" lon="-107.058592" zoom="14"> 38.45803,-107.04955, Main Launch 38.47243,-107.06778, Main Landing Zone </googlemap>


Willow Creek (or just Willow) is a small ridge near Gunnison, CO at the east end of the Blue Mesa reservoir. The ridge is soarable in moderate winds. Thermal lift is common and can allow for much higher flights and XC.



Willow is a curved ridge mainly facing west. Both ridge and thermal lift can be used to fly the site. Launch is just past the Gunnison VOR station.


The site is open to any pilot. The site can be flown by H2/P2 though a good introduction and LZ walk through from a local or other familiar pilot is recommended.

Site Records

Flex wing Distance/Duration

Rigid wing Distance/Duration

Willow Creek launch mesa