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Site Geography

Direction: 150

Elevation MSL: 2300 feet

Elevation AGL: 1450 feet

Glide to LZ: 4.5:1 and 5.5:1

Whitwell setup area.jpg

This is a Hang-3 Site!!!

Henson's Gap is operated by the Tennessee Tree Toppers ([1]).

You may not fly here without signing a waiver! Waivers are available in the green box at launch. USHPA and TTT membership are required. Contact any TTT clearance official or use the on-site membership station. Follow instructions on membership station lid carefully.

This site works in a SE wind.

Safety Points

If you do not get up immediately, head to the LZ. Often there are thermals out front and lift may be found on the way out. At any rate, caution should always be exercised regarding glide to closest available LZ. DO NOT LAND DURING SUNDAY MORNING SERVICES, 9:45 AM - 12:00 NOON CT. Land somewhere else within this interval. Because the LZ is a church's back yard, please refrain from the use of alcoholic beverages, profanity, and other questionable activity. Exhibit respect for the landowners who choose to be so generously hospitable to us.

Cross Country Tips

There are lots of landing fields up and down the valley. On a northeast cross, head towards Jasper. Past Jasper is Alabama. The ridge ends after crossing I-24. Directly over the back is high risk dinosaur country with very few fields for miles. Southeasterly is a fun time for flying to Dunlap or farther. If you have little XC experience this is a good site to fly the ridge. Be careful in the gaps, though. If you begin sinking out, try to land somewhere along Hwy 28 or Hwy 41 for the best chance of catching a ride.

Directions To Site

Directions to launch from Dunlap

From the center of Dunlap, proceed south on Hwy 127/Hwy 28. Turn right onto Hwy 28. Go south about 12 miles to Whitwell. Turn right at first traffic light and go to 4-way stop. Turn right onto Hwy 108. Climb mountain on Hwy 108. Turn left onto Mt. Olive Road at the top of the mountain. Go approximately 2.5 miles and look for a red brick house on the left with a new trailer beside it. The windsock may be visible in the winter. Turn left onto a dirt road just after the brick house.

Directions to launch from Chattanooga

Take I-24W to Nashville. Shortly after crossing Nickajack Lake, exit right at Hwy 28/Jasper/Dunlap Exit. There is also a small sign indicating Whitwell this exit. Turn right onto Hwy 28. Proceed to traffic light intersection with hospital on far right corner. Turn left. Proceed to 4-way stop. Follow "Directions to launch from Dunlap" from this point.

Directions from launch to Church LZ

Turn right onto Mt. Olive Road. Turn right onto Hwy 108. Descend mountain to fork at bottom. Turn hard left. Proceed to Whitwell First Baptist Church on right. LZ is behind church.