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Desciption: This National Park is one of the most pristine and unique sites in the country. Dunes no more than 100ft become soarable in strong smooth eastern winds. There are only several good flying days each season. However with good conditions, pilots enjoy a stunning 15 miles of soarable ridge! Seagulls share the air floating next to gliders. Heading south the ridge gets smaller but stays consistent all the way to the Nauset Lighthouse in Eastham. Going north the ridge has peaks and gaps to the Highland Lighthouse in Truro. Some gaps are challenging to cross with the biggest at Ballston Beach.

Flying Season Dates: Opens to flying October 1st and closes April 14th

Flyable Conditions: NE, E , SE around 15-25mph (for hang gliders) as measured on launch

USHPA Rating: Minimal Rating of Novice with site introduction from local pilot is recommended

Hazards: Pilots should check tide times to avoid high tide as the landable beach gets thin. Hook knives are strongly suggested. Rotors will be present, keep proper terrain clearance. In light conditions, air traffic can get heavy. Pilots are encouraged to spread out along the vast ridge.

Other Protocol: Dune erosion is a sensitive issue with the locals. Avoid walking on slopes except in designated areas.

Contacts: Visiting pilots can use the FLYLINE on to reach locals.