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Waddell Creek

A view from the Waddell launch.
MSL Approx 100' at launch
Glide to LZ top landing needs about 75 to 100' above t/o
Rating/Skills H3
Wind Directions W to NW--best direction is WNW
Season flyable most of the year.
Restrictions regulated
Site Type Ridge soaring
Fees none
<googlemap lat="37.089769" lon="-122.274849" type="satellite" zoom="17">



Waddell is a short bluff with occasional convergences that can make it a dynamic place to fly. It can produce substantial turbulence in Northy conditions and gliders have tumbled in the Waddell Creek valley. Site introduction by local pilots is required. Launch is located on private property.


How long have people been hang gliding here? Any thing of interest happen here in the past? What competitions have been held here?


This site is a coastal cliff/slope.


Launch is on Private Property. Waivers need to be filled out and signed prior to flight. Site intro recommended. For more information contact

Site Records

Flex wing Distance/Duration

Rigid wing Distance/Duration