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That guy up there!

See more photos at my Flickr page
Launching Richmond Dale, Gary Nelson photo
Dad and I, FFA Tommy Thompson photo
Launching my New U2
After a nice XC.

Wing: Wills Wing U2 160, Airborne C1

Harness: High Energy Tracer

Inst.: Flytec 4030 Race and Garmin 76s

Home club: Ohio Flyers Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (OFHPA)

  • President 2006-current

Current rating: Hang 3

Highest Alt: 7,600 AGL, Approx 8,300 MSL

Longest duration flight: 4:23

Longest XC

*Straight line = 56 Miles. Midwest HG Comp Task 2
*Out and Return = 15 Miles. Bubba's N Back (site record)
My XC Log (default to current year) HOLC Submisions

Sites flown:

  • WesMar (Ohio, AT and scooter tow, training)
  • Coolville (Ohio, AT)
  • Hang Glide Chicago aka Enjoy Field @ 2010 Midwest HG Comp

*20 years ago I tried to fly my dad's Flexi III in our back yard. That always resulted in a running, diving belly flop! (flat ground is hard to launch from!)