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Torrey Pines

A pilot getting ready to launch at Torrey Pines.
MSL 310 ft at launch
AGL same
Glide to LZ top landing need about 75 to 100' above t/o
Rating/Skills H4/P3

H3 w/Signoff CL Signoff required

Wind Directions W, WNW, NW, NNW (West 260 deg. is optimum)

Season flyable most of the year. Late Feb thru april best
Restrictions see site rules posted at site. sign yearly waiver
Site Type Commercial
Fees Day Pass $7.50 US

Yearly $??? US

Contact Person/Club/School/


Links Torrey Pines Web Site
<googlemap lat="32.89" lon="-117.251257" zoom="19" scale="yes" controls="large">

32.904979, -117.243345, Torrey Pines, San Diego, CA, USA </googlemap>


This should be a short introduction to the site. What's the community like, what makes this site unique... Torrey can be gentle in light winds and chalenging in 20 to 25 mph winds. When it is light there are a lot of paragliders on the ridge and this is the biggest challenge. When its' on, there are fewer pr'ers and the lift is wider and higher, so the crowds become less of a problem. It is a top landing site and the rotors can get strong. Be sure to do a walk thru intro with an experienced Torrey pilot so you understand all the steps to a safe landing. Watch the wind direction. Different approaches from the north or south when it starts to blow cross. Be aware at all times. Multi use site with r/c's and sailplanes in the spring. Avoid launching if you can't stay up. Beach landings are emergency only and it's a long climb back up with all your gear.


How long have people been hang gliding here? Any thing of interest happen here in the past? What competitions have been held here? Hang Gliders started here in the early 1970's. Lindburg flew sailplanes here. About 6 major ridge races spread out over the years.


This site is a coastal cliff that provides reliable ridge lift due to the consistent on shore sea breeze.

Video Cams

Forecasting links

NOAA forecast

NWS 7-Day Hourly Forecast


Who runs it? Is there a club? Are there rules? Is there a new pilot procedure? Is it invitation only? Torrey Flight Park is the concessionaire. New pilots check in at the office for site intro and paperwork. All qualified pilots welcomed.

Site Records

Flex wing Distance/Duration

Rigid wing Distance/Duration


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