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Tobacco Row

Looking Down the Launch
MSL ?,???
AGL 1,700
Glide to LZ 4:1
Rating/Skills H3/P3

H2 w/Instructor CL Signoff required

Wind Directions W, WNW, NW, NNW


Season ?
Restrictions ?
Site Type Commercial
Fees $20 Skywacker Dues


<googlemap lat="37.621302" lon="-79.045944" zoom="11">

37.583222, -79.045944, Replace this map with the actual Launch instead of downtown Amherst, VA, USA </googlemap>


Tobacco Row Mountain is now closed to hang gliding and paragliding. Tobacco Row Mountain is located in Amherst county and is close to Lynchburg, VA. This site has a NW launch for hang glider pilots and the launch is approximately 1700' AGL. The SE launch may be open to paraglider pilots but has been closed to hang glider pilots because the LZ is being developed. Before flying, please contact someone from the local club.


This site has been flown for years. The Skywacker Club maintains the sites.


Tobacco Row is a mountain site, which provides ridge lift. It is also a good thermal site.


Tobacco Row requires a special waiver. Please contact Greg Mick at 434-401-3434 or another club member before flying this site.

Site Records

Nelson Lewis 135 miles to North Carolina.