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Gliders Ready in Prep Area

Solo Pilot's View of Tow Plane (Tug) a few minutes before release at 2500 feet
Rating/Skills All Abilities
Season Tandem Sky Rides, Lessons and Solo Flights.
Open to the Public Fridays through Mondays
Sun-up to Sun-down.
First Timers Call For Appointment.
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<googlemap lat="26.767683" lon="-81.236343" width="410" zoom="14" scale="yes">26.762702, -81.233082, The Florida Ridge Air Sports Park</googlemap>


The Florida Ridge Air Sports Park is located on 50 acres of ranch land in Southern Florida between the towns of Clewiston and La Belle.


Here at the Florida Ridge Park the Atlantic and Gulf coast winds converge to create the most favorable soaring conditions in the country. With unrestricted air space and wide-open fields stretching 100 miles in every direction, the Ridge gives pilots of all abilities unlimited opportunity to test their soaring skills, fly cross-country, and indulge their love of free flight.


The Ridge's friendly instructors, ground crew, tow pilots, and office assistants are on hand all day to assist you whether you're an experienced pilot with special needs or a first-time passenger on one of our famous Sky Rides. And when you're not flying, you can enjoy nearby diversions like bass fishing, airboat tours, and sky-diving, plus all these activities at the Ridge:

Swimming Pool
Trail Biking
and More

View of an Aerotow Launch from Pool Deck
Park View while Gliding (looking West)


James Tindle - Owner