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Lets organize this by STATE first.... leave out states that have NO sites...

Each state page will then be broken down by major areas, so for example... in california, northern and southern. In souther california, we then have a page for each site. Whatever makes sense

Feel free to delete this stuff when youre ready to start changing this page -SG

Before we get too far with this, I suggest we follow the wikipedia custom for mountains. We assign individual site pages to one ore more categories. For example the tiny mountain I live at the foot of has a page here:

Which is categorized three ways and appears in:

For the site guide we can assign categories of continent, state, province, hang gliding, speed gliding...and that way the lists will automatically update themselves.

Tom Galvin

suggestion: lets try to keep all pages in a similar formate, see KK's write-up of Andy Jackson. Also lets add a table near the top of each page with a summary of the site:

Launch: 4000' MSL

LZ: 1700' MSL

USHPA Rating: H3/P3

Season: May-September

like that...

--Designbydave 08:52, 23 August 2007 (PDT)