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Panoramic view from launch
MSL 5,150
AGL 1,450
Glide to LZ 3:1
Rating/Skills H4/P4
Wind Directions SSW, SW, WSW
Season Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall
Site Type
Fees None
Links Desert Skywalkers
<googlemap lat="35.80257" lon="-115.493603" zoom="10">

36.17188, -115.13974, Las Vegas, NV, USA 35.796165, -115.505877, Bailout LZ - north side of dirt road - slopes slightly downhill (into the wind) 35.803892, -115.48502, Launch Ramp </googlemap>


Tabletop is the primary warm season hang glider launch in Las Vegas. It faces southwest and has a well-constructed ramp. The ideal time to launch is from 2pm-3pm. At this time powerful thermals will create strong (15-25 mph)cycles at launch so a wire person is usually required.

The bailout lz out front (see google map) is marginal at best. When flying this site you really want to get up a couple of thousand and head over the back, where better lzs are available - fortunately the strong thermals in this area almost invariably allow good climb outs.

The rough dirt road to launch requires 4 wheel drive.


Launch: 5,150' MSL

LZ: 3,700' MSL


Desert Skywalkers

Site Records

Flex wing Distance: 102 miles - Wayne 'Sicko' O'Sick


Launch Ramp