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Strzeleki launch is located approximately 1km south of the city of Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia. Launch height is 240' ASL.The site has a rounded top that quickly descends into a vertical cliff face. Ideal wind direction is SE with a strength of 8-16 knots. The launch can handle approximately 45 degree either side of SE. The launch is fenced off and restricts the set-up and launch area to a maximum of 7 gliders. Outside the fenced area is a carpark and viewing for the public. In the right conditions a flight to the north will lead to Newcastle main beach and on to Fort Scratchly, an old WWII gun emplacement. A flight to the south will pass over the other main city launches of Dixon Park and Merewether, and if conditions permit over to our most southern site; Dudley Bluff.

High tide will often submerge any bottom landing zone and in high seas this completely eliminates this as a bombout option.The LZ is located 800metres south from launch in Empire Park directly behind Bar Beach.

An Advanced rating and temportary membership from the HGFA and a meeting with a local safety officer prior to flying Strzeleki is mandatory. This is a requirement of the HGFA under the auspices of the Australian aviation authority: Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA). Contact Tony Barton at Windsports: 0412 607 815