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Location: 10 miles south of Reno, NV. Drive south on Hwy I-580 to Mt Rose Hwy. Drive west on Mt Rose Hwy to the Mt Rose East Bowl ski area turn-off. The setup area is the pull out area before the ski area.

Launch Direction: E, SE.

Seasons: Spring, Summer, and fall. Winter, too, if the snow on the launches isn’t too deep.

Site weather: Links for the weather on top of Slide [1] & RNO NOAA & [2]. This weather station is 1,400' higher than the launch. The Reno area soaring forecast is at [3]. Link for weather in the valley [4]. This weather station is located a mile south of the LZ, next to I-580. Here's a link that provides an overview of winds for the area[5]

Launch Elevation: 8,200’

LZ Elevation: 5,100’

Required Pilot Rating: Intermediate (H3), Advanced (H4), with CL, AWCL, & TUR sign-offs. Out-of-area instructors take note - this is NOT a training site for your H2's, don't bring them here.

Type Launch: Steep slope with loose dirt, rocks, and sagebrush. You must step over the highway guardrail to reach the launches. Wire help is recommended if there is more than a light breeze. Pilots should be hooked in prior to stepping over the guardrail. Density altitude in the summer often exceeds 10,000’.

LZ Location: East side of Hwy I-580, at the Old 395 exit (exit 50).

Type landing: Very large grassy field with a slight down slope from NW to SE. There are several drainage ditches of various depths crossing the LZ. Most of the large fields out in the valley can also be used for landing. Avoid landing near livestock. Wind in the valley can often be a different direction than at launch.

Setup Area: Paved highway pullout area. Do not set up in the road.

Site Protocol: Don’t block the setup area with vehicles. After unloading gliders please move your vehicle to give other pilots room to unload. Park in the normal traffic direction either north or south of the setup and launch areas. Set up with the nose of the glider facing the guard rail to avoid having your glider flipped over by the rotor. Don't block the launches unless you plan on being first off the hill. NDOT has asked us to not disturb the snow markers on the guardrail, that includes not tying wind indicator ribbons onto them. Controlled airspace lies to the immediate NE of the site. Look at a VFR sectional to familiarize yourself with it.

Launch Access: Paved highway between launch and LZ.

Info Contact: Any local pilot.

Miscellaneous: Excellent high altitude mountain flying and XC site. Strong thermals. The wind on launch can quickly switch to blowing down very strongly (25+ mph). Watch for dust devils at launch and in the LZ.

Coordinates: Launch – N 39° 19.200’ W 119° 52.037’

LZ – N 39° 18.525’ W 119° 49.375’