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In light of two fatalities with the past year due to hook-in failures and other potentially catastrphic incidents due to other set-up and pre-flight failures, I am posting the check list created by Hal Hayden of the Arizona Hang Gliding Association.

Read: Pre-Flight Checks by Ricky Tarr

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SETUP: Assemble Control Frame; Stand up & open glider half way; Put nose battens in place; Align battens; Insert first 3 battens; Fully spread wings; Tension backhaul & kingpost; Install outer traverse battens; Install tip wands; Install remaining top battens; Open & re-close velcro tips; Check sprog hardware; Check all internal ribs; Check crossbar junctions; Deploy sprogs and zip; Attach nose wires; Inspect inside of sail; Cross bars; VG line & pulleys; Internal velcros; Hang loops; Check VG operation; Set VG tight; Zip up sail; Install nose cone; Set VG loose; Install bottom battens;

PRE-FLIGHT: Inspect control frame attachment; Leading edges; Kingpost; Wingtips; Trailing edges; Haulback; Vario & GPS set; Batteries; Smoke bomb; Radio set & locked; Phone / Hat; Camelback / O2; Harness check; Biner / Chute; Pitch adjuster;

PRE-LAUNCH: 2 leg loops; Front entry buckle; Pod zipper set; Hook knife; Chute ready; Camelback tube; Helmet latched; Radio check; Gloves; Hook in; VG line clear