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Searching Hangliding.Org

The local SEARCH function here can be a bit weak, or too generous, sometimes.

What actually works well here, for Search, is to use the regular search engine, on-line. On the Google search site, in the Search line, type in whatever terms that you wish to find here. Add a space, and then type in:


and click on GOOGLE SEARCH.

Google will then go to the site that you have specified, and search only that site, for your terms.

You can find the latest posts by a member here with a URL like this:

Change "membername" in there to the person that you want. If you want to go farther back, add this to the end of the URL:


and type in the number of posts that you want to go back. For forty posts, this is how:

The local SEARCH function (here) is available on the Index Page. It is on the right side of the screen, above the Shout Box. If you want to use Search for the posts of a certain member, type in the name, and click SEARCH. You will get their posts, and related posts.