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Richmond Dale (a.k.a 35) This site is CLOSED. No access to launch.

Looking off of launch
MSL 950'
AGL 400'
Glide to LZ 3:1
Rating/Skills H2

When crops are up the site can be unflyable, due to lack of landing options.

Wind Directions SW
Season Year round.
Restrictions Requires key to unlock gate. (Contact local club member)
Site Type Private
Fees Ohio Flyers Membership

Yearly $30 US

Contact Ohio Flyers Hang Gliding Association.
<googlemap lat="39.206852" lon="-82.841034" zoom="13">39.220418, -82.840519</googlemap>



Richmond Dale, a.k.a. 35, is the only current FL site maintained by the Ohio Flyers Hang Gliding Association. It is private property, with a locked gate. Contact a member of the Ohio Flyers, or the land owners for permmission to enter.


The Ohio Flyers started flying here on the northern tip in the early 80's. The land is owned by a forestry service, once the hill was clear cut, the launch was moved to the higer southern end. The site was a drive and carry up, for many years. A cell tower has gone up and now there is a stone path leading up to the set up area. (the tower name plate puts the location at "Hang Glide Hill")


This is a small ridge in the bend of the Paint Creek Valley. It requires winds from the SW with a velocity of at around 15mph for soaring. Due to local terrain, winds more from the south tend to follow the valley and cross on launch. Launch is approximately 400' AGL (950 MSL). The landing zone is a very small (50'x50') cleared spot near the edge of a tree line, surrounded by a drainage ditch. If no crops or shorter crops are in, there is a dirt path between fields that is good for landing. The landing areas often have rotors due to multiple tree lines. Launch is a rounded hill top (natural radial ramp!), to a steep face. The launch is a wide slot cut in the trees, and caution must be taken with cross winds.


Private property with a locked gate. Requires a member of the Ohio Flyers Hang Gliding Association to accompany visiting pilots.

Site Records

Flex wing Distance/Duration 76miles. John Alden, Larry Wright

Rigid wing Distance/Duration unknown