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Location: 10 miles north of Reno, NV. Drive north on Hwy 395 to Red Rock Road exit. Drive north on Red Rock road. Turn left at Silver Knolls Blvd. Drive west on Silver Knolls past the Gravel pit and continue on to the top of the ridge.

Launch Direction: West.

Seasons: All year.

Site weather: There is a weather station on the valley floor 1.3 miles NW of the launch [1]. The Reno area soaring forecast is at [2]. Here's a link that provides an overview of winds for the area[3]

Launch Elevation: 5,600’

LZ Elevation: 5,100’

Recommended Pilot Rating: Novice (H2), Intermediate (H3), Advanced (H4).

Type Launch: Steep slope with loose dirt, rocks, and sagebrush. Wire help may be necessary to carry glider to launch when the conditions pick up.

LZ Location: Several very tight, rough areas surrounded by tall bushes out in front of launch. The field across the street below the ridge can be used, but has very tall sage brush everywhere. Top landings may also be done on the ridge, immediately south of launch. Be careful if top landing, the rotor can be very strong. Flat fields near the lake south of launch can also be used.

Type landing: Uneven, rough terrain with high sage brush. Grassy fields with some sage brush near the lake.

Setup Area: Sloping area with dirt and sagebrush right behind launch.

Launch Access: Dirt road to launch and paved road next to LZ’s with a 30 minute turnaround. 2WD with good clearance.

Info Contact: Any local pilot.

Miscellaneous: Good ridge soaring site when west winds are above 15 mph. Good thermals can sometimes be found, too. Watch out for dust devils at launch. The launch rotor can also toss gliders around if left unattended.

Coordinates: Launch – N 39° 40.560’ W 119° 57.080’

LZ – Anywhere out in front or down by the lake.