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Location: 18 miles north of Reno, NV. Drive north on Hwy 395 to Border Town exit. Turn right at White Lake Parkway and stay on it when it changes to Village Parkway. Continue north to Mud Springs Rd. Turn left and then left again onto the dirt road that runs along the inside of the fence. Follow the dirt road as it turns uphill. At the intersection of trails at the low end of the drainage ravine, take either road up the ridge. Stay on that road until you get to the top of the ridge and drive to the turnoff above the launch. Do not use any of the dirt roads that come up the back side of the ridge. Be sure to park your vehicle at the rear of the setup areas to leave room for other pilots to setup.

Launch Direction: East

Seasons: All year.

Site weather: There is a weather station located ENE of the park LZ [1]. The Reno area soaring forecast is at [2]. Here's a link that provides an overview of winds for the area[3]

Launch Elevation: 5,600’, 5,900’, and 6,600’

LZ Elevation: 5,100’

Recommended Pilot Rating: Novice (H2), Intermediate (H3), Advanced (H4). Beginner (H1) with instructor supervision at the lower launch.

Type Launch: Sloping with loose dirt, rocks, and sagebrush.

LZ Location: Empty fields in front of the lower launch and on the west and north sides of the water treatment plant. The city park one mile east of the lower launch is a great LZ, too.

Type landing: Mostly flat fields with sage brush and dirt. The park LZ is a very large, flat, mown grass field right next to a sports bar and grill.

Setup Area: Large, flat, dirt area behind the lower launch. The middle launch setup area is sloped dirt and grass with some rocks. The upper launch setup area is small, dirt with lots of rocks.

Site Protocol: Park to rear and sides of setup areas to make room for more gliders.

Launch Access: Rough, steep, dirt road with a 10 - 20 minute turnaround. 4WD required.

Info Contact: Any local pilot.

Miscellaneous: Conditions can change quickly. Watch for dust devils at launch.

Coordinates: Lower Launch – N 39° 41.700’ W 119° 59.030’

Middle Launch – N 39° 42.170’ W 119° 59.190’

Upper Launch – N 39° 42.706’ W 119° 58.985'

City park LZ - N 39° 41.475' W 119° 57.920'