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Point of the Mountain (South Side)

Descriptive picture caption
MSL ~5,000 MSL
AGL 500 ft
Glide to LZ 1:1
Rating/Skills H2/P2 before 10AM, H3/P3 after 10AM
Wind Directions S
Season Year round, if you can get through snow drifts in winter
Site Type USHPA insured site, Utah State Park
Contact or
<googlemap lat="41.694257" lon="-74.401903" zoom="14">

41.685861, -74.40465, Training Hill </googlemap>


This should be a short introduction to the site. What's the community like, what makes this site unique... {{#ev:youtube|NVJEm4_d94Q|400}}


How long have people been hang gliding here? Any thing of interest happen here in the past? What competitions have been held here?


It is a small ridge, 800 yards (800 meters) long and 100 yards (100 meters) high. The prevailing winds are south in the mornings, becoming thermic toward mid-day. Thermals can become too violent to fly, near noon, because you may not be high enough to recover when dumped out. Several hours, starting at dawn, are soarable and very smooth on most days. Winter time conditions are soarable, but Polar.


Who runs it? Is there a club? Are there rules? Is there a new pilot procedure? Is it invitation only?

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