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Point of the Mountain (South Side)

Descriptive picture caption
MSL 5,050 ft
AGL 300 ft?
Glide to LZ easy
Wind Directions NE-NW
Season Year round
Restrictions MUST be BOTH a USHPA member and a UHGPGA member (Utah Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association) and sign a waiver to land at the bottom (in an emergency)
Site Type ridge & thermal lift
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5 Steep Mountain Drive, Draper, Utah


The North side of the Point is a wonderful ridge/thermal site within a few minutes of the South side. The large, car-accessible launch and landing zone is atop a small ridge and is designated a city park. A much larger ridge is behind launch, allowing ridge and thermalling flight. The upper ridge extends NE towards Lone Peak (11.2k ft), which is often a goal for pilots on superior days. A flight must cross "The Gap", which is a section of terrain after the ridge ends, but before the peak is within reach. There are not many LZs in this section, so make sure of the situation. The golf course is only for emergencies, and you may get cited.

Spring through Fall, it is soarable in the afternoons to evenings, dependent upon the strength of the lake-effect breeze from the north. On a light to medium strength day, it gets very crowded with paragliders. The most desirable days allow for early launch into soarable conditions on the lower ridge, catching a thermal to follow back (bench up) to the upper ridge, and from there fly for hours. The large numbers of paragliders typically stay off the lower ridge until the thermals calm down somewhat.


  • The launch window can be small on some evenings. Conditions build and taper off such that if one does not launch in the 10's of minutees of window, there may be no chance benching up. 13-15 mph wind is ideal.
  • There is a small emergency LZ below the lower bench owned by Draper Water Co (?). BEFORE you fly here, fill out the waiver (REQUIRED) in case you must use that LZ. The access road to that LZ is locked with a combination that one can obtain from the Utah Hang Gliding and Paragliding Assoc. Ideally, one would never land there ;-)
  • Top landing near the LZ can be rough, especially on strong days. Use lots of speed, prepare for some chop 'n' drop. The boundary layer is usually OK. Two popular methods: (1) Land near the lip of the lower ridge (2) Land near the base of the upper ridge at an angle, usually with little available wind.
  • Bathrooms are available.
  • Do not thermal low over houses.
  • Recommended Radio frequency for visiting pilots: 151.955
  • You must be a current rated pilot of USHGA and a member of the UHGPGA to fly this site.
  • Keep in mind the lower air density. This site gets hot in the summer and is at around 5000 ft MSL.