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Pigeon Mountain Launch.

Site Geography

Rating: H2/H3

Wind: East

AGL: 1150'

MSL: ...'

10/22/07 - The primary LZ is anecdotally reported as being OK to land in again. Talk to local pilots or call up to LMFP and ask.

Great East facing site. There are many LZs but a lot of power lines. All fields are ok to land in except the field to the West of Chamberlain road accross from the primary LZ. The field at the intersection of Rocky Ln and Chamberlain Rd is closest to launch and is ok to land in, but if you do land there, you must immediately walk your glider to the church accross the street to break down. Streamers are tied to fences and poles in the area.

The launch is very popular with paragliders but the site is almost never crowded. Launch is a sheer 90 degree rock click face that drops about 30' to the tree tops below, then drops sharply after that. Wind is required to launch here! The trees are close and a portion of the rock face sticks out on the right of the launch so good launch technique is required.

The site is ridge soarable in ~7mph+ East winds.

Area Overview

Launch is on public land. Other attractions in the area including excellent caving, rock-climbing and camping. Site does draw a decent number of spectators due to other attractions. Camping in designated areas only or you risk a fine of $275 per person! No camping around launch.

Directions To Site

Driving Directions To LZ From I-75 in GA

From I-75 in the NW corner of Georgia, take exit 320 (La Fayette / Resaca) then proceed West on hwy 136 to La Fayette. Follow the signs to La Fayette (you will have to take a short jog South on 151, just follow the signs). Once in La Fayette, turn left on South Main St, then right on W Main St (Hwy 193). Follow Hwy 193 a couple of miles and turn left on Chamberlain Rd. Look for the Pigeon Mountain rec area signs. After you pass Rocky Ln on the right, the LZ is the first LARGE field on the left about 1/4 to 1/2 mile down Chamberlain Rd.

Driving Directions To Launch from LZ

Head North on Chamberlain Rd 1/4 to 1/2 mile and turn left on Rocky Ln. Follow Rocky Ln several windy miles until it makes a hard right and you see a gravel-dirt road straight ahead. This is S Brown Rd. Drive up brown road a few hundred yards and the launch is on the left. Very obvious.

Primary LZ Launch Points
Watch out for power lines in the LZ <googlemap lat="34.64966111111111" lon="-85.34982777777777" zoom="16">34.64966111111111, -85.34982777777777</googlemap> Paraglider/HG Launch <googlemap lat="34.65217777777778" lon="-85.37267777777778" zoom="16">34.65217777777778, -85.37267777777778, Cliff Launch Area</googlemap>