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Thumbs-Up !

For new members, there is a good way to see the best posts of the usual suspects, or any member who posts here, on HangGliding.Org

Above each poster's avatar is their name. Below that name, you will see the average ranking of their rated posts (unrated posts do not affect this average). Click on their name, and you will see their profile. In that profile, you will see a link, "Posts by [PilotName] that have been rated." Click on that link, and you will see a list of the rated posts from that pilot, which were appreciated (or endorsed) by one or more members here. Some posts will have positive (green) or negative (brownish-red) ratings. Some posts will be informative, some may be funny, or just plain good camaraderie.

Some members will have no rated posts. You can still see a list of all their posts. In their profile, click on the link "Find all posts by [PilotName]" and you will see a list of all their posts.

Click on the actual "thumbs" icons at the bottom of any rated post, to see a window showing who gave the rating to that post. The best posts may have several good endorsements, by various members here.