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North Brother Mountain, Dooragan National Park

Take off and view
MSL 1500 ft
AGL 1500 ft
Glide to LZ 2:1 to bomb out, 10:1 to beach

Rating/Skills Intermediate Hang, PG unknown
Wind Directions NE

Season Summer
Restrictions Must have key and be accompanied if landing in bombout. No landing in oval visible in front
Radio Frequencies Should have HGFA frequencies programmed and carry radio
Site Type Public
Fees None
Contact Club: Mid North Coast Hang Gliding Club
<googlemap lat="-31.66" lon="152.79" zoom="14">

41.685861, -74.40465, Training Hill </googlemap>


Mountain / Coastal site. Being close to the coast it's strongly influenced by sea breeze. Thermal flying is possible in the morning however around 11 am the seabreeze comes in and it becomes a ridge soaring site.


Named the brothers by Captain Cook, this is the North most of three small isolated mountains. The take off was initially carved out from a state forest. The area was later taken over by the National Parks and Wildlife Service, now known as the Department of Environment Climate Change and Water.


It's both a ridge and thermal site. Works in a NE wind. Beware in a northerly wind that a rotor can spill over the spine just to the north of takeoff and emulate a good wind direction. Also as with all similar sites, wind over the back can cause a rotor to come up the face, tempting the unwary to launch. Landing is normally in the hook shaped cow paddock just to the right and out of sight from launch,photo of the landing is at Take off, get a local to show you, between the mountain and the river. It's clearly visible in google earth at 31 deg, 40 minutes 12.46 seconds South and 152 deg, 47 minutes and 40.63 seconds East. DO NOT land on the sporting fields in town


The main bombout is in private lands. The take off is on park land, the owners require HGFA membership. You need HGFA membership to fly at North Brother and just a courtesy call to HIgh Adventure Paragliding to collect the key to LZ. The Farmer gets upset if you climb over and through his fences

Landing field is subject to a venturi effect when the seabreeze comes in so caution should be excercised not to drift back. The co-ordinates above give a point where you should intend to touch down. Just south of that is a fence line, do not drift back behind that during approach in strong winds. Be sure to maintain good airspeed on approach as there can be a strong wind shadow from the stand of trees at the northern end. There has been 3 serious injuries in the field with pilots staying in the air too long when venturi kicks in, seek local advice for warning signs.

The local club has advised you need the Key to land in the field. The are 8 pilots that farmer has allowed to have the key, most available is High Adventure Paragliding who run the local Paragliding school. They can be contacted on 0429844961. This arrangement has been in place for near 30 years confirmed by the land owner Mr Stan Baglin. Stan is not always at the property and is concerned if someone gets injured in field that an ambulance cannot get it. One hanggliding accident 9 years ago nearly caused us to lose this site, as they flew without the key nor gave notice to anyone in the club they were intending to fly there. They tried to cut the gate to get ambulance in. Needless to Say farmer has genuine concerns to who lands in his property

The club president has confirmed that it is ok to fly without the key if you have the intention of landing on the beach. This is a 10:1 glide over water and unlandable terrain and should only be attempted if significantly above launch.

The site is used for high soaring flights for paraglider Pilots and students all through the year but would be rated Intermediate as the bombout is not visible from launch.

Road up is a well marked left turn on the road from Laurieton to Kew.

Takeoff itself is a rounded grass slope, free from obstructions and with an ample viewing platform for spectators.,152.77771940&layer=c&cbll=-31.65714256,152.77771940&cbp=1,360,,0,5

Site Records

Flex wing Distance/Duration Unknown

Rigid wing Distance/Duration Unknown

Paraglider 118 km 20/03/2010