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Mount Greylock

Descriptive picture caption
MSL 3,491
AGL 2,000ish
Glide to LZ Unknown
Rating/Skills H4/P4

H3/P3 w/Observer

Wind Directions E, ESE, SE,
Season Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall
Restrictions USHPA Members only
Radio Frequencies 151.505 - 151.625 - 151.925 - 151.955 - 158.40
Site Type State
Contact VHGA or MHGA

<googlemap version="0.9" lat="42.645387" lon="-73.170147" zoom="14">

42.636851, -73.167143 </googlemap>


Mount Greylock is a state park and the highest point in Massachusetts. It one of the few places in the northeastern United States where the public can see Hang Gliding up close.


This site has been flown for many years.


Mount Greylock and it's sister summits are a distinct geologic formation north of the Taconic range and southwest of the Green Mountains of Vermont. The site is closed for much of the year by the state due to snow.


The state controls the launch, and works with local clubs to manage flying activity.

Site Records

Flex wing Distance/Duration: unknown

Rigid wing Distance/Duration: unknown