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Molly's Nipple / Hurricane Ridge

(text based on forum postings from various users)

It's a long ridge that runs from Hurricane all the way to the Grand Canyon, but most folks either just play around in the ridge lift running the ridge for a few miles and then land on the bottom (big wide open fields directly below), or top, or take the usually abundant thermals up and back towards Colorado City (yes, the same one in the news lately), or farther. It's a pretty easy access to the site down a dirt road - but the last little hump typically requires a four-wheel drive vehicle. Oh yeah - launch is right next to Molly's Nipple - it's a real nice nipple.

Launch: 37 degrees 07 minutes 26.05 seconds north, 113 degrees 17 minutes 52.85 seconds west. Elevation 4,428'
LZ: down below. Elevation 3,409'

Hurricane is nice, the road is great up to the last few hundred yards where 4wd is required. The LZ is right below launch, or you can go XC, there is no shortage of available places to land. A map showing how to get to launch. Be aware that there are 2 airports in the area.
Google Earth KML file (by user Jason) 26 MAY 2007