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Mission Ridge

Flying on a beautiful spring day
MSL 1,920
AGL 650
Glide to LZ 4:1
Rating/Skills H4/P4
Wind Directions W, WNW, NW, SW, WSW
Season Year round.
Restrictions Keyholder needed. No commerial flying.

Do not drive on the road when it is the least bit wet. The infamous footprint test is used. If you step on the road and any dirt/mud sticks to the bottom of your shoes, it's too wet to drive on and you will be cited by the parks department.

Site Type NON-Commercial
Fees None. Open park preserve
Contact A club member see wingsofrogallo site for more info.

<googlemap lat="37.517534" lon="-121.89175" zoom="14">

37.517534, -121.89175, Mission launch </googlemap>


Scenery is of the entire bay area and beyond. On a clear day you see as far as San Fransico to the west and to the east the Sierras. Toplanding makes Mission a very unique site, most agree that it is easier to top land than to land down below.


Dave Kilbourne first soared Mission Ridge in a standard Rogallo wing on September 6, 1971. The original launch was lower, near Ohlone college. Mission Ridge was opened as a WOR site for Hang Gliding in 1983. Only Advanced Rated current USHPA Hang Glider and Paraglider pilots may now fly there.


Spring is the best, the wind is typically light in the morning with west afternoon winds to 20 MPH. Typical flying is ridge lift with thermals. Launch faces west and is launchable in west northwest to west southwest winds. Launch is accessed by a four wheel drive dirt road and a keyholder


Wings of Rogallo

Guest are premitted must have current USHPA H/P-4 rating. Guest and first time pilots should contact a local.

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Site Records

Flex wing 150 miles

Rigid wing ?