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Site Name

Descriptive picture caption
MSL 17,999
AGL 2,000
Glide to LZ 3:1
Rating/Skills H3/P3

H2 w/Instructor CL Signoff required

Wind Directions W, WNW, NW, NNW




Season Year round, Closed on Thanksgiving
Restrictions No Dogs allowed since they scare the farmers sheep. Tie dye shirts expressly forbidden.
Site Type Commercial
Fees Day Pass $10 US

Yearly $150 US

Contact Person/Club/School/


<googlemap lat="41.694257" lon="-74.401903" zoom="14">

41.685861, -74.40465, Training Hill


Merewether launch is one of four main coastal launch sites in the Newcastle area. It is the only 'high glide' launch in Newcastle so it is often the hill where solo flights take place for students completing their hang gliding course. Merewether overlooks Burwood beach, faces south towards Newcastles most southern coastal site: Dudley Bluff.


Merewether was first used as a hang gliding site in the 1970's.


Merewether consist of a sloping launch, a southerly facing bowl to the left of launch, the East Face; a cliffline to the east of launch, another bowl to the north of the East Face that extends out to the beach and steepens into a cliff. Being a coastal site the most prevalent form of lift is orographic, or ridge lift, caused by the sea breezes common every afternoon during the summer months. Launch height is 269 feet ASL. While Merewether is used as a training hill it is also a very technical site. The launch is spacious, and slightly down slope which not only assists during the running phase during take-off but also allows for a degree of lifting airflow over the area. For the more advanced pilot these features require precise technique when toplanding.


Merewether is managed by the Newcastle Hang Gliding Club but the official management is overseen by The National Parks and Wildlife Service. As with all launches in Australia flight access requires a minimum three month membership with the national body, HGFA. Contact with local club members before using Merewether is also highly recommended. Windsports, the local training facillity run by Tony Barton is always available to provide the information nessecary to fly the area with a minimum of risk.