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Kind of an unofficial site. Launch is a sheer cliff and is owned by a private party that gave the OK for us to fly. LZ consists of 2 large fields owned by a friendly farmer. Cattle roam free in the fields which are bordered by electric and barbed wire fences, along with a couple rows of telephone cables. Trees below launch are pretty high and out a bit. You absolutely need a good (8-10) headwind to launch, along with good CL skills. Rotor from the treeline in front necessitates a wire crew, which should probably anchor themselves to trees with climbing rope or be backed by a second crew. Mid-day winds and thermals can be downright dangerous. This site is very deceiving. The LZ appears to be in a flat area from the top, but is plagued by rotor from all directions. Probably a better site for evening glass-off, which frequently occurs, than mid day soaring. H2 flyable with guidance from someone who is familiar with this particular terrain and weather phenomenon, but easily an H3+ when the weather doesn't cooperate.