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Kobala is a mountain near town Tolmin in country Slovenia. It is a world known place for flying where many competitions have been held in the past. One task of the Europians (hang gliding), PWC paragliding and many others open championship. The area of flying is in the eastern Alps. Start is situated in the front of the Alps so good XC flying is possible from this launching site.

Characteristics of Kobala:

Height: 1080m Landing field height: 200m Possible flying wind directions: West, South and East Flying time: From February to the end of September (In spring it depends of snow at the top) Landing field is equipted with information office with Wirelles internet, weather informations and turistic informations (hotels, appartments...)

Web page of the area club DPL Posocje:

Videos from Kobala starting place:

Touristic organisation of Tolmin: