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Kenosha Pass is located at the north end of South Park (yes - the same South Park referred to in the Cartoon) along Hwy 285 about one hour west of Denver. The ridge faces due south. Almost every day the wind blows from the south straight into launch for at least a few hours each morning. It is not uncommon for the westerly flow aloft to mix down to launch height shutting down launch. Kenosha is generally a reliable morning site that is sometimes soarable all day. It requires a four wheel drive vehicle to get to launch although a high clearance vehicle is not necessary. Launch is at 10,370ft MSL, the LZ is just below launch at 9,670ft MSL.

This is a H2/P2 site early mornings. Minimum H3/P3 other times. Paraglider pilots should exercise extreme caution mid day due to high wind and strong thermal conditions. The site often closes for the season by the end of September.

The landing area is restricted to a small section of public land bordering a private ranch. It is imparitive for visiting pilots or other pilots unfamiliar with the landing area to contact the Rocky Mountain Hang Gliding and Paragliding Asso before attempting to fly Kenosha Pass.