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Keel Mountain is located in Gurley, Alabama. Gurley is just East of Huntsville on Hwy 72. The launch is visible from Hwy 72 Eastbound. Just look to your right front most anywhere along Hwy 72E in Gurley and you will see a bald spot at the top of the mountain. That bald spot is the launch; called Rudy's Ridge.

To get to the launch (after receiving permission), turn off Hwy 72 onto Keel Mountain Road. Keel Mountain Road only runs South off Hwy 72 and is just East of the Hardees. At the top of the mountain is a four way intersection. Turn right. About 100 yards ahead on the right is a sign announcing the entrance to the site.



The lauch and the LZ are owned by a local attorney who once ran a HG school and aerotow operation from this location. The club that participates at the site is only about twenty members or so.

The launch faces NW and will handle winds from NW to N. It is approximately 920' AGL. Anything from the East pushes you away from the LZ and is not recommended. It is a short slope launch with the tree line roughly 100 yards away from the back of the launch. There is ample room to set up in shade or sun for about a dozen gliders. The club restricts pilots to H2 or above. This is declared on a sign at the site.


The LZ is an open field with power lines and the access road on one side, a home on another side and trees on the remaining sides. The LZ is large enough that none of these features present an obstacle. A wind sock and sometimes streamers are present. There is a storage trailer to keep gliders on site.

The club includes HG pilots and PG pilots who live in apparent harmony.  :)