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The Jenkins site is near Horse Pens 40 in Springville, Alabama. Springville is approximately 30 minutes East of Birmingham. It is named after the owner who gives permission for pilots to launch from the site. You will need someone who has flown it before to show you the location. Alabama Hang Gliding Association claims some responsibility for the site, but Mr. Jenkins is just happy to see people fly.

The launch is a cliff overlooking a County Road and agricultural fields. It faces SSE and requires a wind of approximately 6-10MPH for safe launch. The launch itself has a metal ramp extending over the cliff to give some room to take a few steps. It is approximately 750ft AGL. After launch, the cliff is substantial enough to provide ridge soaring ability. Top landing is also possible.

A primary LZ and bailout are identified and permission to land there has been given with some restrictions. The bailout is basically a gentleman's front yard with power lines, barbed wire fence and the house forming the perimeter of a yard that is small for HG landing. Again, top landing in Mr. Jenkins' field is possible and permissible.