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(text based on e-mail by "name removed for privacy")
North facing site – 1200 ft ridge & thermal lift – Advanced H2 and above.
South of Grantsville, UT: approx GPS 40.469070° N, -112.457570° W
This flying site faces north and is primarily a ridge lift site with occasional thermals coming in. It has good downwind (towards the south) XC potential.

Road Warning

Please beam me up, Scotty so I don’t have to drive up this road! The access road up the face of this side is THE steepest, knarliest, bad ass 4 X 4 road that I have ever driven. It makes Dry Canyon N.M. launch road look like a Sunday after church drive. Jedi takes an extremely capable 4 X 4 truck with good tires to even make it up to the launch. Do not attempt this road unless you and your vehicle are up to this task. This is a serious road, one which more than one fatality has occurred. Just look down the face of launch about 700 yards and you will see what is left of the truck that carried four people to their death when they made one little mistake. They all died and what’s left of their truck is below for all to see. If you don’t believe any of the swill that I sling, then at least believe in this warning. Let someone that has driven this road before drive you up it on your first trip to Jedi. Once on top, you’ll know why this paragraph is here!

Getting There

From SLC, go west on I-80 to Tooele. Take exit 99 towards Tooele. Go 4.5 miles to the chevron in Lake Point. Turn off SR36 onto SR138, going west to Grantsville. Go about three miles on Main Street into Grantsville. Go past the green Sinclair Station on Hall Street to the sign that says “South Willow Rec Area”. Take a left on West Street and you will be going up hill heading south on The Mormon Trail. Go about 11 miles south until you see the mountain on the left. The range runs east/west and is easy to spot just after you clear Grantsville. The LZ is in a meadow about 2.1 miles west of the launch. Be sure to hang a flag in the LZ. To access the road up, go south to the highest elevation of the main N/S road. Turn left on the road to the summit. Please re-read the above road warning paragraph!