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Jean Ridge

Ron Peck Launching an Exxtacy
MSL 3200
AGL 400
Glide to LZ
Rating/Skills H3/P3, H2/P2 w/instructor
Wind Directions SSW
Season Year-round
Restrictions None
Site Type
Fees None
Links Desert Skywalkers
<googlemap lat="35.808626" lon="-115.218086" zoom="12">

35.861231, -115.341339, Jean, NV, USA

35.808839, -115.214235, Launch 35.808861, -115.216654, Bottom LZ </googlemap>


Jean Ridge is a relatively small ridge (@300') that faces south/southwest. It is used primarily as an afternoon/early evening ridge soaring/glass-off site by hang glider pilots and paraglider pilots. The road to the top is four-wheel drive only (paraglider pilots just hike up the face from the bottom and bench up).

There can be strong thermals blowing up the face and quite a few long xc flights have originated from there.

This is a site that usually requires a wire person to safely launch as it typically blows from 15-30 mph).

The sandy slope out front is the best training hill in Las Vegas.


Launch: 3,200' MSL

LZ: 2,800' MSL


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