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Location: 7 miles south of Carson City. Drive south on Hwy 395 to Stephanie Way. Turn left and drive east to first stop sign, which is Vicky Lane. Turn left onto Vicky Lane and drive north past where the pavement changes to dirt. Follow the dirt road until you see the dirt road turning right and going up in between the two parts of the mountain. Turn right onto that road and follow it until you see the turn off

Launch Direction: SW, W, NW.

Seasons: All year.

Site weather: There are two weather stations about 2.5 miles south of the launch [1] [2] and another one 4 miles NW of the launch [3] The Reno area soaring forecast is at [4]. Here's a link that provides an overview of winds for the area[5]

Launch Elevation: 5,400’

LZ Elevation: 4,650’

Recommended Pilot Rating: Intermediate (H3), Advanced (H4). Novice (H2) with instructor supervision.

Type of Launch: Sloping loose dirt and rocks.

LZ location: Grassy, mostly flat area at the north end of the ponds, next to the dirt road below launch. Watch out for sage brush, fences, and sprinklers. A bailout LZ is located at the bottom of the launch hill. It is uneven, sloping and has a lot of sage brush of varying height.

Setup Area: Sloping dirt and sage brush area behind launches. Room for numerous gliders, depending on which launch is being used.

Site Protocol: Don’t do anything to disturb the homeowners in the area.

Launch Access: Rough, steep, rocky dirt road with a 10 minute turnaround. Rugged 4WD needed.

Info Contact: Any local pilot.

Miscellaneous: Ridge and thermal soaring with XC potential. Winds can quickly become very strong in the afternoon. Watch for dust devils at launch and in the LZ’s.

Coordinates: Launch – N 39° 4.722’ W 119° 43.953’

LZ – N 39° 4.802’ W 119° 44.607’