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Hat Creek Rim was pioneered by the Shasta Sky Sailors in 1975 ( It's been developed and maintained by us since that time. We held the Use Permit there since the Forest Service first required it in 1996 until July of 2014. There are no local pilots living at the site. Most users travel hours to get to this remote site but it is well worth the drive. The site is known for its consistent summertime evening glass offs. You can go here to see a timeline of this site: Also, join us on Facebook or

The Shasta Sky Sailor's Hat Creek Committee.

Update 2015

A new club and USHPA chapter has been formed and will be the new liaison with the USDA and pilots to steward the flying site at Hat Creek Rim.

Membership is free and gives pilots a voice at Hat Creek Rim.

The new HCPA website is here

Club news and events will be updated on the blog page.