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What is it?

A lead generation strategy for harnessing the internet to cultivate new hang glider pilots.

Not familiar with lead generation?

Read about lead generation

Cut to the chase - just tell me how to help

How does it work?

The program consists of three types of people: Partners, Instructing entities, and Prospects

Here is a high level picture of what it looks like. In a short amount of time, if everyone signs up and helps promote this program, we can have a huge network of links, people all over the net can click on which takes them to contact sheets to sign up or ask about hang gliding lessons. The prospective students are all funneled to hang gliding instructors.


Steps in the process

Here is a typical scenario


HG pilots place links to contact sheets for hang gliding lessons on their:

  • Web sites
  • In their email signatures
  • On their MySpace, Facebook or other social websites
  • Blogs
  • In their forum signatures of any forum they are members of
  • Anywhere a prospective HG student may see it and click on it

Step 2

Internet users see one of these links and they click it

Step 3

The prospect is taken to a contact sheet they fill out while they watch an intro hang gliding video

Step 4

The prospects contact info is sent to USHPA certified instructors and schools We track what happens to the prospect all the way until they give up trying to become a pilot or get their H2. This data is used to improve the program and better target future pilots.

Track 2 of the program - Internet Marketing

  • A google AD campaign places hang gliding ad's all over the internet which also funnel leads to HG websites that are good at recruiting hang glider pilots.
  • These partner websites also have contact sheets and funnel students using the same mechanism


Look back at that large first graphic. Imagine many partner websites like, thousands of emails with "Learn to hang glide" signatures flying around the net each year, hundreds of blogs, personal websites and even MySpace pages all with hang gliding links working together to drive thousands of people to contact sheets to learn more about hang gliding lessons.

Think about a google AD campaign, magnifying the effect, by driving even more traffic to popular partner websites where people can learn about the sport and sign up.

The stream of prospective students will grow and GROW every year as people participate. Think of the possibilities!

Important Links

Partner Registration - typically used by people who want a custom contact sheet created and hosted on, but visually branded to look like their own website, or any way they want

Instructing Entity Registration - used by HG instructors and schools who want to be automatically notified when new students ask about lessons

Link Generator - tool that generates HTML and other code to help them link to HG lesson contact forms from their websites, MySpace, emails, forums, blog, etc

Active Instructors - List of instructors that are currently part of the program and approves

Google ads graphics - You can use one of these on your site if you like. Scroll through the thread, forum members have posted graphics free to use.

Current leads report - All reported leads listed here.