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Hancock, New York

Lindsey Chew launches with the Delaware river in the background. Photo by Sharon Tubbs
MSL 800'
AGL 500'
Glide to LZ ???
Rating/Skills H4

Select H3s with local observer

FL CL Signoffs recommended

Wind Directions S
Season Year round
Restrictions Must receive permission to fly from the owner each time, and must report back once all pilots have landed safely..
Site Type Private
Fees Purchase something at the Dew Drop Inn.
<googlemap lat="41.95649" lon="-75.273428" type="map" zoom="15">

41.954256, -75.272527, Dew Drop Inn 118 E Front St Hancock, NY 13783 </googlemap>


Hancock is a great place to fly and it certainly includes one of the most beautiful views anywhere. However it is a technical site, requiring solid foot launch and landing approach skills. You must be introduced to this site by one of the local pilots. Do not attempt to fly there without having someone experienced with the site with you. Hang IV rating is strongly recommended. It is a very sensitive site and could be permanantly closed with only a minor infraction of the site protocol. Local pilots contacts include John Bilsky, Bob Murphy and Ron Kittredge.


Hancock was opened and is maintained by the Southern Tier Skysurfers.


The launch is up a winding, rutted, dirt mountain road that can only be negotiated with a low range 4X4. It would be best to link up with a group that is going out there that includes at least two low range 4X4s and/or a driver to bring the 4X4 down after you launch.

Setup is done in the woods, and the cliff launch is little more than a slot carved in the trees barely 1.5 wingspans wide. The launch is more like a short ramp than a true cliff launch.

You'll want the wind blowing at least 5 MPH, but not more than 10MPH because it gets really turbulent due to the site (launch and LZ) being located on the lee side of a mountain.

There are rattlesnakes up there...usually basking on the ledge just below the launch ledge. (More motivation for proper launch technique)

The big field(across the river) is under plow, and off limits. DO NOT LAND THERE. Trees along the river were cut to create a landing strip. Do not drive your vehicle down to the strip. Break it down there and carry it out, or carry it up to near the road to break down. Always say thanks to the LZ landowner too. The air in the horseshoe shaped valley can be switchy and challenging.


This is an privately owned site. The protocol is to stop at the Dew Drop Inn each time and notify the owner behind the counter that you want to fly, then when you're done you need to stop by and tell them that everyone is down safe and that you're all done. Contact the Southern Tier Skysurfers if you wish to arrange an introduction. 12 Snow Ave, Binghamton NY 13905 - (607) 770-7060

Site Records

Flex wing Distance/Duration - Unknown

Rigid wing Distance/Duration- Unknown - Probably Dave Hopkins or Stan Roberts