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The Mt Washington/Hammondsport launch is located about equal distance north of Bath, NY and south of Hammondsport, NY. The valley LZ lies at about 1,100 ft ASL and launch is about 700 ft above. There are also top landable fields to the east of and behind launch. The site faces NNW and favors NW - NNW winds. The launch is a steep slope. The site is controled by RAF (Rochester Area Fliers HG club) and which club is (amazingly) based in Rochester, NY. You must be a member of RAF to fly this site, although short term passes can be arranged.

The Glen H.'Curtiss Museum' (Curtiss aircraft) is located nearby in the village of Hammondsport. The area is also known for its numerous vineyards and wineries as well as its natural beauty and proximity to the Finger Lakes. The closest being Keuka. Close to the museum was the site of a Curtiss team hang gliding experiment.