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Here is a list of most of the HG manufacturers today.

Aeriane Swift - Belgium

Aeros - Ukraine

A-I-R ATOS - Germany - AIR USA was sold to Germany

Airborne - Australia

Avian - Great Britain

Bautek - Germany

Ellipse - France

FexGliders (Finsterwalder USA)

Finsterwalder - Germany

Icaro 2000 - Italy

Ikarus - Germany

Impuls - Germany

La Mouette - France

Moyes - Australia

North Wing - USA

Quasar - Czech

Seedwings - Europe

Seedwings - USA

Tecma - France

Ulteam - France

Union Italy

UP Gliders - USA

Wills Wing - USA

See also: List of Manufacturers

This is an older list of HG manufacturers Google-translated from Danish to English.

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