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Radwhacker Launching
MSL 5,300
AGL 1,300
Glide to LZ
Rating/Skills H3/P3
Wind Directions NNE,NE,ENE, SW, S
Season Year round for paragliders - best for hang gliders in late fall, winter, early spring
Restrictions None
Site Type
Fees $0.00
Links Desert Skywalkers
<googlemap lat="35.892388" lon="-115.470428" zoom="10">

36.17188, -115.13974, Las Vegas, NV, USA 35.894613, -115.495834, Goodsprings Launch 35.892462, -115.466405, LZ </googlemap>


Goodsprings is one of three launches in the Las Vegas area. It's primary hang glider use is for northeast winds. Paraglider pilots, however, use both the northeast facing launch and a south facing launch. Hang glider pilots use the Goodsprings launch primarily in the winter, late fall and early spring. During the warmer months they prefer to use another, nearby, southwest facing site called Tabletop.

There is a well-graded gravel road (2 wheel drive) to launch.


Launch: 5,500' MSL

LZ: 4,000' MSL


Desert Skywalkers


Panoramic view from launch