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Flytec 5030 available data fields

User-Field Description

QNH (hPa) Air pressure in inHg or hecto-Pascals

FL (ft) Flight level

Alt 3 Total height gained during the flight

Alt 2 Reference height (if desired can be set at 0 at launch)

Alt a. WP Arrival height above the next waypoint/goal*

Alt a. BG Altitude above the best glide path to the next waypoint*

Alt a. Goal Altitude above (or below) best glide to goal around the course.

Flighttime Flight time since take off

Time Time

Temp Internal temperature

Track Flight direction (course)*

Bearing Direction to chosen destination*

Dist to WP Distance to chosen destination (waypoint)*

Dist to ^ Distance to last climb*

Dis t Goal Distance to goal (end of route) around the balance of the route *

Dist t Ctr Distance to restricted areas

Dist.Tkoff Distance to take-off

Dist.T.Cyl Distance to cylinder

XT Error Cross track error (the perpendicular distance to the active leg of a route)

Spd-Diff Wind component (ground speed minus true airspeed) along the glider’s track*

Gnd speed Speed over the ground (GS)*

WindSpeed Wind speed*

CalcAirspd Airspeed mathematically generated from the wind component and ground speed*

L/D req. L/D required to reach a WP *

L/D air Actual L/D through air (=TAS/Sink)

L/D gnd Actual L/D over ground (=Ground Speed/Sink)*

L/D r.goal L/D required to goal around the remaining turnpoints to goal

  • Only active when the GPS receiver is switched on