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Log in to the HG WIKI with your own screen name and password, which is what the HG WIKI needs (LOG-IN is at the top of the Main Page).

Anytime you want to go back to the WIKI Main Page, there is a link to do that (on the left top, under "Navigation") or to go to the HG.ORG Main Page, click the picture that says "HangGliding.Org"

When you go back to the HG WIKI Main Page, click the EDIT tab (one of the top tabs). Put up some new title (a new link, like the Stories or Wing Tips titles) in one of the lists there. Use the same format for your entry as the other entries have have, above or below it. Then, click the SHOW PREVIEW button (at the bottom). If you like what you see, click on the SAVE PAGE button (at the bottom). You might add your new title to the list called "Resources for Hang Glider Pilots," for example. You might add new titles (links) or text, to any existing pages.

So, go back to the Main Page, and click on your new WIKI link. It will say you just selected a blank page, and then it will show the blank page to you. Click on the EDIT tab for the new blank page, and start adding things, such as other new titles,or blocks of text.

Type in, or COPY and PASTE plain text (paragraphs) if you want, or type in a new title, for the next new page. If you type in new titles, click the PREVIEW PAGE, and SAVE PAGE buttons, then go back to the Main Page and click on your new title. EDIT that blank page, adding the text that you want there. When you like what you added to the blank page, click the SHOW PREVIEW button. If you like what you see, click on the SAVE PAGE button.

Wander around in here, and look at the ways (using the EDIT tab and PREVIEW PAGE button) that each page or article in the WIKI was put together.

Everybody else gets to add stuff which they think should be here, too.

COPY and PASTE this message to a text file for quick reference on your computer. Ask for help on the HG forum, if you get too stuck. Please do not delete the stuff that other pilots have here already.

See the links below this link, on the Main Page, for specific details on adding images, tables, or other advanced techniques. Use your browser's BACK (or RETURN) button to come back here, from those WIKI help links.