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Ed Levin

Ed Levin landing zone
MSL 2125
AGL 1750
Glide to LZ 5:1
Rating/Skills H1-H4/P1-P4

restrictions apply for H3/P3 and below

Wind Directions 1750ft launch: S, SSW, SW, WSW

600ft launch: W,SW,S,SE

300ft launch:W,SW,S

Season Year round. Road closes if wet.

Road Information for Ed Levin Park 408-355-2200, then menu 7, then menu 6

Restrictions Familiarize yourself with the site procedures!

You must have a proficiency sticker. No momentary compensation

4wd required plus must be a member or be accompany by a member to drive up.

Radio Frequencies 147.405 - 147.495
Site Type NON-Commercial
Fees Donation recommended for sticker. Membership not required.

Park entrance fee $6.00.

Club membership: $30.00

Contact Wings of Rogallo
Links site summary:

colspan="2" style="background:#ffffff;" | <googlemap lat="37.458065" lon="-121.866596" zoom="17" scale="yes" controls="large">

37.457469, -121.867207, Landing Zone </googlemap>


Ed Levin is an ideal site for hang gliding and paragliding at all skill levels. It contains a wide variety of launch areas at differing elevations, a large, clear, level landing area, and prevailing wind/weather conditions that are ideally suited to safe and relaxed hang gliding and paragliding. Signs are posted at the site to provide information regarding the various launches and other site features.


Flying at Ed Levin has been since the late 70's. The site was lost for a couple of years and with hard work from the local pilots flying was once again. Although some harsh restrictions were added to satify the parks so we can fly.

Before you fly

Contact Wings of Rogallo - The membership director for info on flying Ed Levin and obtaining a sticker. There are no guest pilots allowed. You must plan ahead to have your sticker. There is a HG shop in Milpitas but the hours are limited. Wednesday thru Saturday.

Read the site procedures. There is an abundance of info that you must be aware of. Check the closing time on the gate. You must be out of the breakdown area before the time slated on the gate.


All of the launches at Ed Levin are grassy slopes. Most have an excellent angle for encouraging great launches. There are no trees or other obstructions at launch, nor are there any significant upwind obstacles to create nasty rotors when launching into recommended wind directions.

Landing Zone Characteristics

There is a single LZ at Ed Levin used by all launches. It is a very large grassy field, with trees defining the southern and eastern boundaries in sort of a tipped over "L" shape. If the wind is anything between 90 and 270 degrees, you should take care to stay far enough back of the trees trees to avoid any rotor. The most common direction in the LZ is WNW, but it does vary, especially when fronts are passing through. One of the attractive features of Ed Levin for the newer pilot is that since all launches use the same LZ, for a given wind condition the same landing approach can be used for any of the launches at 300 feet or above. For example, one can fly from the 1750 foot launch arriving over the LZ and burning off altitude until he is just above the 600 foot hill. Then he can fly the same approach last used from the 600 foot hill given similar conditions. As always though, be aware of current conditions and don't count on everything being the same as your last flight.


Wings of Rogallo is the site adminstrator.

Site Records

Flex wing Distance/Duration

Rigid wing Distance/Duration