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Mike B. Launches in Dunlap
MSL ???
AGL ???
Glide to LZ ???
Rating/Skills H3/P3
Wind Directions S, SW
Season ???
Restrictions ...
Site Type ...
Fees Donation to the land owner
Contact ...
Site Panoramic Images LZ Panorama here
Dunlap Launch

...Dunlap map

Dunlap is a well known site among Northern California pilots, as a good mountain site within a few hours' drive of the Bay Area. For the hang gliding pilot, the procedures are less formal than for the paraglider pilot.

To fly Dunlap, look up Dan Fleming on the USHPA site and take it from there. He owns the best LZ in the area and you must have his permission to fly it. Fortunately, he's an affable chap and great host.