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Dog Mountain, Washington

Dog Launch
MSL 2200
AGL 1,200
Glide to LZ 3:1
Rating/Skills H3 / H2 w/Instructor
Wind Directions W,NW, NNW,N,S,SSW
Season Year round
Restrictions Dogs allowed
Radio Frequencies 158.400 MHz and USHPA freq.
Site Type Commercial
Fees Day Pass $10 US

Yearly $60 US

<googlemap lat="46.489174" lon="-122.184112" zoom="14">

Dog Mountain LZ </googlemap>


Dog Mountain lies on the West slopes of the Cascade Mountains near Morton, Washington about 40 miles Southwest of Mount Rainier and 20 miles North of Mount Saint Helens. Dog Mountain overlooks Riffe Lake, a large dam lake, to the West and Glenoma Valley to the North. Dog Mountain is a ridge soaring site but produces thermals that on occasion allow pilots to leave Dog Mountain and go XC. The unofficial record is 79 miles.


Dog Mountain has a long history dating back to 1974. Dog Mountain is the site of the 1976 USA Nationals.


Dog Mountain is a 1300 foot butte overlooking a large lake. The lake has its own meteorology that produces consistent winds from the West flowing directly into Dog Mountain. Hence, Dog Mountain is said to be ridge soar-able 320+ days out of the year. The landing zone is a huge flat 50+ acre pasture and lake shore with few obstructions. Obstructions include tree stumps and vehicles parked between the pasture and lake shore. Riffe Lake is a dam lake whose elevation changes. The main LZ may be flooded and not land-able. An alternate LZ with waist-high grass and protected by a locked gate may be used.


Dog Mountain is privately owned. Local pilots are members of Cloudbase Country Club. All pilots must have current USHPA membership and insurance. Before flying Dog Mountain non-member pilots must sign a waiver and pay a $10 fee and have current USHPA membership and insurance. Access is through large metal locked gates. Pilots must have a special key which, along with the locks, is replaced each year. Dog Mountain is an intermediate (hang 3) site, or novice (hang 2) site when that pilot is accompanied by an instructor.

Site Records

The unofficial flex wing record is 79 miles.