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Dockweiler Beach

Looking North from the top of the novice dune
MSL 25
AGL 25
Glide to LZ 1:1
Rating/Skills H3 FL
Wind Directions SW, WSW, W, WNW,
Season Year round
Site Type Public
Fees Day Pass $?? US
<googlemap lat="33.920981" lon="-118.433025" zoom="16">

33.920331, -118.430825, Novice Training Area 33.91937, -118.42971, Beginner Training Area 33.922174, -118.430825, Parking Entrance 33.920126, -118.429967, Windsports Office </googlemap>


Hang gliding at Dockweiler State Beach has a long history dating back to the earliest days of the sport. It is a training facility that also provides excellent dune soaring for the more advanced pilot.


[ Jim Hobson in 1962 with "Rogallo Wing Hang Glider" (EAA editor), then Richard Miller and friends, and then saving grace activism of Joe Greblo brought a gem to California in the resultant official flight training site.


The dune faces to the west and south west which is the prevailing directions for the on shore breeze. This provides 300+ flyable days year.


Windsports manages all hang gliding activity at the site. Unsupervised flying is strictly prohibited and jeopardizes the site.

Friends of Dockweiler Gliding Society

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